HI so I’ve been cleaning out my storage and I have a bunch of stuff that is fairly cool/DLCs/Gracie items that I don’t particularly need??? And I’m trying to get more people to come in through my gates for badge purposes, ssssso. 
THESE ARE THE ITEMS YOU COULD WIN: pirate’s hat, sea-anemone bed, carp banner, slushie machine, beach table, cherry-blossom clock, ice wall, aurora screen, pisces lamp, capricorn ornament, funky wig, notebook bed, cabana vanity, leaf bed, aquarius urn, beach chair, ice table, sweets lamp, puffer-fish TV, mermaid vanity, football-fish lamp, ice chair, sagittarius arrow, aries rocking chair, ice dresser, ice floor, ice closet, tiara hair, ice shelf, tortoise specs, sushi platter, hibiscus clock, creepy coffin, hair-bow wig, creepy bat stone, squid chair, red-snapper chair, pisces lamp, hinaningyo, cat tower.
1st PLACE:- 1 million bells!- 5 items of their choice
2ND PLACE:- 500k bells!- 5 items of their choice (after 1st place picks)
3RD PLACE: - 500k bells!- 5 items of their choice (after the other 2 pick)
I’ll also be picking other winners from users that reblog it and they will win 3 items of their choice from the remaining items until all items are gone!! 
reblogs & likes both count, and if you’re following me you can reply for an extra entry!! DON’T NEED TO BE FOLLOWING ME TO WIN THO u3u ends sunday april 20th at around noon!!